Honest Review Joyetech Magic Atopack vs Lost Vape Orion Quest

Honest Review Joyetech Magic Atopack vs Lost Vape Orion Quest

Full and clear review of the Magic Atopack by Joyetech. How will it stack up against the Orion Quest by Lost Vape? Watch and Find out.

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First pod with quick-to-change cotton system The ATOPACK Magic is our pod system that enables to quick change the cotton. We generally suggest changing the cotton after 3 full cartridge e-juice to get the best flavor. The package contains 50 pieces of cotton pad for you. Easy, convenient and economic. Introducing the new member of the ATOPACK series, Joyetech ATOPACK Magic. This time we adopted the innovative coil-less NCFilm heater into a pod system in a creative way. The NCFilm heater supports long life-span with huge vapor production. Having 1300mAh battery capacity, the ATOPACK Magic, coupled with Joyetech ultra-efficient low voltage solution, making the battery lasts longer. It is compatible with nicotine salts and can produce rich flavor thanks to the NCFilm heater. The cartridge contains the e-liquid up to 7.0ml, which will definitely offers you an earthly enjoyment. Having various color options, you’re also free to switch different indicator lights.

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